Since 2002, Alexandria Fine Consignments has worked in the Washington, DC metropolitan area handling the sale of thousands of fascinating items, including...

Antiquarian books from Charles Dickens' personal library - $4,100

Antiques, rare books and other items from the estates of four former Directors of the CIA

Items from The National Building Museum in Washington, DC

A historic collection of rare duck decoys - $7,400

A large collection of original maps and books from the discovery of the Comstock Load in California (the Gold Rush) - $21,000

One of the largest antique woodworking tool collections in America - $61,500

And items you might find in your own home...

60lbs of Lego pieces and mini figures - $645

A large collection of Dept. 56 holiday buildings - $720

Apple iMac desktop - $240

Large collection of Mosaic jazz LPs and CDs - $6,200

Kowa spotting scope - $1,875

We are a virtual business, meaning we do not have a physical consignment store. We sell all items online - either directly by ourselves or in partnership with major auction houses. We guarantee we will get the best prices for your items.

Consigning With Us

Look around your home - most of us have unneeded items we could consign. Perhaps your parents have items they would like to clear out. We would be happy to help - confidentially, securely, and with only your best interests in mind.

We specialize in smaller items ranging from jewelry to antiquarian books to collectibles, artwork, antiques, upscale designer clothing, digital cameras, Lego collections and so much more. Please use the menu above to view consignment information for general household items; rare books; and surplus business inventory or equipment.  

We will consign items valued at $75 or higher.  The percentage you receive rises as the final selling price increases.

Final Selling Price ($) and Amount You Receive 

75–500            50% 

500-1000         60%

1000–5,000     70%  

Over 5,000      80%